Personally I used to be very small framed and always struggled to gain muscle but most importantly hold onto it! This was partly due to genetics and body type but also due to the fact I just didn’t understand the specific training and nutritional methods required to do so. Musclelab will show you some of the best exercises for building muscle and help reach your genetic potential safely and explain why as well as keep track of your food to make sure your hitting your specific macros and calorie intake needed to build and maintain that dream physique!


Hit a brick wall on bench press? Struggling to reach your squat target? You will learn the techniques needed to boost your lifts and improve your overall strength safely and with correct form. You will receive nutritional guidance and information to specifically compliment your training.


Do you have a specific part of the body you want to improve? We will teach you how to burn that fat using a variety of workouts and help get that solid feel and defined muscle look. A common thing I get asked alot (mainly by female clients) is “wont lifting weights make me big and bulky?” or I hear “I don’t want to look like a body builder” don’t be scared of lifting weights! They are essential for sculpting those muscles and don’t worry about turning into a bodybuilding giant, are nutritional guidance will keep you on track to make sure we keep to your targets and goals!


Obesity can be a problem for alot of people and it is a growing concern across the UK. Some can find it hard to express how they feel and make the step towards a healthy lifestyle, at our private studio there is no judgement or ridicule tolerated in any way so all of our clients can feel comfortable while they are training allowing us to focus completely on the task at hand. We will identify your body type and provide a specific nutritional program to help drop those lbs and steer you in the right direction for long term eating habit changes that will ensure your weight loss is maintained.

Personal Training

We can provide personal training based on your needs whether it be muscle building, strength building, body toning/fat loss or weight loss we change to suit you.
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fitness classes

Our Hit-Fit classes are an intense 30 minute bodyweight circuit. They aren’t for the faint hearted. We also offer ladies only bootykick boot camps.
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nutritional coaching

Musclelab Fitness online nutritional coaching helps you stay on track with your eating and will allow you to create a long term healthy lifestyle change.
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