Pay as you go
£30.00 per 1 hour session
This is perfect for people who just need that extra little push in the gym.

6 Session Taster Package
£165.00 (£27.50 per session)
This is perfect to kick-start your health journey! It gives you a little taste of what to expect on the road to a healthier you. The block package includes:

  • 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks
  • bespoke training program
  • Nutritional guidance and information bundle
  • Continuous online help and support

Pad Work and Conditioning
£20.00 per 45 min session
This is a great option for those that want a really high paced intense workout but also sharpen up on those boxing skills. No gloves? No problem! We have everything you need. We like to blend the sessions with overall body conditioning and striking and defence technique to give you an exhausting but rewarding workout.

NHS Discount

Recently we’ve been thinking of all those people working in the public services and how their pay rise was blocked. A country cannot run without the men and women who help protect us.

E.g. Firefighters, Doctors, Policemen/women, NHS Staff.

So MuscleLab have decided that we will now be providing a 30% discount for all those workers within the NHS, fire service and police force to give our own thanks back to those who risk it for others each day.

If this applies to you, or know someone who it will benefit – BOOK TODAY!

ID must be shown on arrival of first session

Monthly Packages

These packages are for clients who are serious about making long term health and fitness changes, despite what we see every day on Facebook and Twitter there are NO magic pills or coffee that provides a quick fix when it comes to fat loss or overall health in general, it takes hard work, patience and commitment to achieve real results.

These packages include constant nutritional guidance to compliment your training and information to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle, we understand everyone is different and we all respond differently to certain foods so we tailor make all our nutritional packages to suit you as an individual.

Food Tracker Package
£19.99 per calendar month

This service allows clients to log their food intake and have it monitored by a fully qualified nutritional coach. We will make suggestions and give you tips and methods to adopt to iron out any bad habits and get your healthy eating back on track! It includes:

  • Macro and calorie targets specific to your goals  
  • Access to online food tracker
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other clients for daily help and support as well as to discuss workout tips and ideas.
  • Access to the members only blog area 
  • Continuous help and support 

Personal Training

We can provide personal training based on your needs whether it be muscle building, strength building, body toning/fat loss or weight loss we change to suit you.
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fitness classes

Our Hit-Fit classes are an intense 30 minute bodyweight circuit. They aren’t for the faint hearted. We also offer ladies only bootykick boot camps.
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nutritional coaching

Musclelab Fitness online nutritional coaching helps you stay on track with your eating and will allow you to create a long term healthy lifestyle change.
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