Muscle Lab Fitness is built on the foundations of helping others. Established in September 2016, Muscle Lab Fitness was designed especially to help you along your path to a healthier lifestyle. We recognise that taking the decision to change is the first step – it’s all about the mind, body and soul. People need that little nudge in the right direction and that is what Muscle Lab offer. We are dedicated to achieving your goals and making them our own.

We are here to help!

Based in Aintree opposite the retail park, within the Family martial arts building we have the privacy to hit your targets without distractions in this fantastic private Personal Training gym specifically designed for 1-2-1, group training activities and MMA.

Our Story

Aaron Haake used to be a qualified hydraulic engineer for several years, but always had a passion for training and fitness. He would spend most of his time in a gym environment trying to better himself mentally and physically. He soon realised that the passion he had for fitness and training, was greater than the monthly salary he was guaranteed every month.

Aaron quit his job, and studied Level 2 & 3 Personal Training Qualification and Nutritional Coaching at Millwood Training Academy. Soon after being qualified, Aaron set off into the world of self-employment and Muscle Lab Fitness was born.

Training clients to help them achieve their targets and goals, whether it be simply, toning up, losing weight, a hobby or passion – he set himself aside to ensure he could adapt to the needs of others and be the guide/motivator you need to succeed.

Muscle Lab Fitness also trains with well-respected local professional MMA fighters to constantly expand knowledge and pass this on to you!

Our MD has also recently has just become an Ambassador for Millwood Training Academy – where he is also undergoing an Assessors course to help others through their qualifications for a Personal Training career.

If this is something you’re interest in – feel free to get in touch!

“I am looking forward to growing my clients confidence and fitness. Feeling good about yourself shows to others and I just want people to be happy in their bodies. I want to educate the do’s and don’ts in the fitness industry to ensure you can achieve the best possible results. The industry is all about helping others, even if they are competition – it is always better for everyone to succeed.” – Aaron Haake, MD Muscle Lab Fitness

Personal Training

We can provide personal training based on your needs whether it be muscle building, strength building, body toning/fat loss or weight loss we change to suit you.
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fitness classes

Our Hit-Fit classes are an intense 30 minute bodyweight circuit. They aren’t for the faint hearted. We also offer ladies only bootykick boot camps.
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nutritional coaching

Musclelab Fitness online nutritional coaching helps you stay on track with your eating and will allow you to create a long term healthy lifestyle change.
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